EpiBlu offers highly specialised GaN foundry (expitaxial wafer growth services to meet individual customer requirements) and characterisation services at its state-of-the-art laboratory operated by experienced technical staff in Sydney, Australia.

If you are looking to develop and fabricate or custom manufacture epitaxial nitride wafers, EpiBlu has the expertise to meet your specific needs.

Custom GaN Epitaxy & Contract R&D

EpiBlu offers low volume foundry services for the manufacture of custom nitride templates and device wafers.

We also offer state-of-the-art R&D facilities and teams to help our clients develop their next innovation.  Our smaller scale enables EpiBlu to be a cost effective partner for those wanting smaller development and experimentation services.

MOCVD & RPCVD Capability


Thomas Swan 19x2" MOCVD & RPCVD

  • MOCVD – Thomas Swan close-coupled showerhead 19×2 with 10 metal organic source bubbler lines available
  • RPCVD – Retrofitted Thomas Swan RPCVD 19×2 with 10 metal organic source bubbler lines available.


Several Wafer Configuration Options

  • 19 x 2”
  • 5 x 4”
  • 1 x 6”
  • 1 x 8”

EpiCurve/EpiTT in-situ measurement


Metal Organic Sources Available

  –  TMG (Trimethylgallium)  & TEG (Triethylgallium)

  –  TMA (Trimethylaluminum)

  –  TMI (Trimethyindium)

  –  Cp2Mg (Bis(cylopentadienyl)magnesium) and Cp2Fe (Ferrocene)

 SiH4 (Silane) & NH3 (Ammonia)

Addition sources available on request.

Characterisation Services


EpiBlu offers extensive in-house characterisation capabilities including:

  –  X-ray Diffraction

  –  Atomic Force Microscopy

  –  Scanning Electron Microscopy

  –  High resolution full wafer photoluminescence (PL) and thickness mapping

  –  Hall Measurement

  –  Optical Microscopy

–  LED quick test

RPCVD Performance Data

BluGlass (EpiBlu’s parent company and developer of the RPCVD technology) presents the latest RPCVD performance data.


Application Factsheets

RPCVD for LEDs Factsheet

RPCVD for Power Electronics Factsheet

RPCVD for Laser Diodes Factsheet

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