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In this Interactive PowerPoint Quiz Game Module, we will be shuffling the order of the questions such that all the questions are shown to the students with no repetition. We achieve this by generating random orders and moving slides to a random position within a given range.

To generate the order of those multiple choice answer boxes, we rename those four boxes as “a1, a2, a3, a4”. And then, we make an array and shuffle that to get all the 16 combinations of “1,2,3,4”. Based on the order of the sequence, the answer boxes: “a1, a2, a3, a4” are arranged in slide-show mode.a

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Shuffle Answers, Multiple Attempts
Customisable PPT Quiz Template

Download this PowerPoint Quiz Game Template shuffles the answer order randomly and allows for multiple attempts.

The student can keep answering the question until their answer is correct.

You can also change the colours to match your theme. Duplicate the slides and just type your own question!

Send Report Card to Google Sheets, Import Questions from Excel.
Make your quiz game in 54 seconds!

Randomise Answer Order in PowerPoint Question Slides

I put the codes used to randomize the array inside the For i = 3 To 8 Loop: Or else, the answer boxes were shuffled in the same manner across all the slides.

If the order of the answers were: a3, a2, a1 and a4 in your first slide, it would been the same order for all the other questions slides too.

However, by randomizing the array every time for a new slide, we are able to shuffle the answer order in a new different order.

We can change the name of the shape in Microsoft PowerPoint by using the following VBA Macro:


Find Position of Answer Shapes in PowerPoint Quiz Game

We can find the position of the answer shape by printing the co-ordinates of the shape in our Immediate Window. Toggle that by pressing Ctrl + G in your Visual Basic Applications Window

Shuffling sequence of 1,2,3,4 by shuffling an Array in an Random Order

Arrays can store multiple values in different compartments. The following is an example of the array which we used to randomise the answer order by shuffling the sequence of “1,2,3,4”.

We generate a random compartment number from 0 to 3 and take the value of that compartment and place it in compartment 0. We generate another random compartment number and take its value and place it in compartment 1. Similarly, we do these via a For-Loop:


We transfer the values from one compartment to another by storing the value in a temporary variable called temp

Adding For-Loops to assign new position for the answer shapes

In my above code where I assign the position, i = 3 To 8 refers to slides that contain questions. A loop is made for every value of i, which is: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

j = 0 To 3 refers to the compartment numbers (the correct terminology is indexing) of the array. The compartment 0 corresponds to the shape a1, compartment 1 corresponds to the shape a2… and so on!

Thus, we refer to the shape as “a” & j + 1 since a very visible relation is possible:
If j = 0, shape = “a” & j + 1 = “a” & 0 + 1 = “a1” and so on…

Thus, our PowerPoint VBA Macro Code to shuffle the answer orders becomes much more neat. You can also use the similar trick of shuffling an array to randomly shuffle the question slides without literally causing the slides to change their position.

So you want to create an interactive quiz game in PowerPoint for you digital classroom, but don’t know where or how to start? You have come to the right place! The PowerPoint Quiz Game is an easy and fun way to engage your team and encourage competition and growth.

Already created by multiple innovative Teachers, Educators and Managers worldwide, the quiz template is perfect for classes, competitions, team building, and even for fun activities.

So let’s dive right in and create your very own PowerPoint Quiz Game in just 15 simple steps:



Here is how we create an Interactive PowerPoint Quiz Game:

In the first slide, create your cover page with any images or shapes you would like for an aesthetic start.

Powerpoint Quiz Game Template Free Online

Step 2 : Disable Navigation in Slide-Show Mode - Browsed at a kiosk
Under Slide-Show Tab, Click on Set-up Slide-Show. In the pop-up, choose 'Browsed at a Kiosk'. Click ‘ok’ to confirm. This will ensure that you can navigate in slide-show mode only through hyperlinks.
Then create a new slide. This slide will be shown to the participant if they answer incorrectly. Design it to your liking.
Add a new slide and write your first question. The answers will be in Multiple Choice Format (MCQ). Add shapes and design it as you would like your question page to be.
Add one more slide. This slide will be shown to the participant if they answer correctly. Design it to your liking.
Go to Slide 1 and add a 'Start Quiz' shape.
Select the inserted shape and open the insert tab. In the insert tab, find and open the ‘Action’ menu. We will now apply a hyperlink to that shape.
In the action settings pop-up, click on “Hyperlink to” and select the ‘Slide...’ option. A menu named “Hyperlink to Slide” will open automatically. Select the slide with the question i.e. Slide 3.
In the question slide, select the correct option. Click on Insert > Action > Hyperlink to > Next Slide i.e the correct answer slide. In the case of the wrong answer shape, it should hyperlink to Slide 2 (not 'previous slide' but rather 'Slide...' > Slide 2)
In the Wrong Answer Slide (Slide 2), add a 'retry' shape. Insert a hyperlink to 'Last Slide Viewed'. If you then click on the 'retry' shape, you'll be taken to the last question slide that was attempted.
Insert > Actions > Hyperlink to > Last Slide Viewed

Powerpoint Quiz Game Template Free

Free powerpoint game show templates
In the Correct Answer Slide (Slide 4), add a 'Next Question' Button.
Insert > Actions > Hyperlink to > Next Slide
Select the first question slide and the “correct answer” slide by holding down the ‘ctrl’ key. Copy-paste them to duplicate.
Repeat this for as many questions you like. Change the questions and answer choices in the new slides.
Step 12 : Add Appropriate Hyperlinks to Answer Shapes
In the new question slides, you might type in the correct answer in a box that might contain the hyperlink for the wrong answer.
Just cross-check and add the appropriate hyperlinks to the answer shapes.
Go to the last “Correct answer” slide and add a shape with the text 'End Quiz Game'. The shape should be Hyperlinked to > End Show
Also, Add an ending message:: 'Congratulations! You have completed the Quiz”. in the last slide.

13 Step Microsoft PowerPoint Tutorial
Learn to create an Interactive
PPT Quiz Game at the end of this!

Following are few PowerPoint Templates that are 100% free – All the VBA Codes are provided along with a few Sample Files:

We have all used Microsoft PowerPoint to create presentations for our school assignments and then for our bosses at our jobs.

Many teachers use Microsoft PowerPoint and quickly create teaching modules which boost their presence in classroom and make learning fun.

However, Microsoft PowerPoint’s capabilities go way beyond creating the cliched animated presentations.

We can use Visual Basic Applications and Hyperlinks to embed interactivity within your file and engage your students or employees within your presentation by making them play a quiz game.

Here, we will be using Microsoft PowerPoint to make an amazing quiz game which can keep scores, generate certificates and excel sheets containing report cards. We can add time limit and use various features in a very versatile manner.

You can also download ready-made PowerPoint Quiz Templates from my website and easily customise the questions and start engaging your students in your classroom!

If you have any features which you would want to request to be added in the module, please email me and I shall do that at the earliest!


Teachers can now conduct Online Quiz Games in Zoom, Google Meet or Cisco WebEx using this PowerPoint Quiz Game which consists of upto 30 student scoreboards.

Send Report Card to Google Sheets, Import Questions from Excel.
Make your quiz game in 54 seconds!

Place an ActiveX Element – Label in your powerpoint slide-master to easily keep count of number of correct answers, wrong answers, total questions, passed questions etc. and have appropriate calculations to generate the custom points, percentage, grades and even messages from teachers.

Exporting PowerPoint Quiz Report Card in an Excel Sheet

We can take all the data which had been generated after your student takes the PowerPoint Quiz and transfer it to an Microsoft Excel sheet for further analyses.

We can find out the questions which were answered incorrectly and help the students improve. Using OneDrive, we can make a Master Excel Sheet where every student’s test scores can be compiled. We can find out which question was the hardest to answer and generate amazing analytics to further troubleshoot issues.

You can also download ready-made PowerPoint Quiz Templates from my website and easily customise the questions and start engaging your students in your classroom!

Download Powerpoint Trivia Template

If you have any features which you would want to request to be added in the module, please email me and I shall do that at the earliest!