Pinta For Mac Review

Development Builds. Preview what's coming next for Pinta by downloading a development build. These builds are updated periodically, but you can also download builds from each revision (requires being logged in to a Github account). For Ubuntu users, development builds are available using the daily builds PPA. Pinta is STILL the BEST alternative for MacOS and Linux in 2020. Until comes to the mac or linux when it leaves behind microsofts framework, this is the only similar (though hoenstly just a clone of program to

Pinta for mac reviewsReview

Pinta For Mac Reviews

Pinta For Mac ReviewVersion 1.6:

This release includes many new features and improvements, as well as over 50 bug fixes:

New Features / Improvements:
  • Redesigned shape tools (demo video):
    • The Line tool now supports drawing curves and arrows
    • Shapes remain editable after being drawn
    • All shape tools now support drawing dashed lines
  • All selection tools now support the Union, Exclude, Xor, and Intersection modes
  • New community add-in repository - add-ins can be installed through the Add-in Manager dialog (via the Add-ins menu)
  • Redesigned New Image dialog, which includes presets, orientation and background options, and a thumbnail preview of the image.
  • The toolbox and color palette now have a flexible layout and can expand horizontally, making them significantly more usable on small screens.
  • When launching Pinta from the command line, the standard --version and --help options are now supported.

Pinta For Mac Review

Bug Fixes:

A full list of bug fixes is available at

  • Fixed a number of issues with the text tool’s support for Unicode text
  • Fixed a number of issues with undoing selections
  • Fixed a number of untranslatable strings throughout Pinta, and the zoom toolbar’s percentages are now formatted using the current locale.
  • The text tool now supports the standard shortcuts for toggling bold (Ctrl+B), italic (Ctrl+I), and underline (Ctrl+U), and all of the text can be selected with Ctrl+A.
  • Fixed a potential crash after undoing a text action
  • Fixed a crash when holding both the left and right mouse buttons with the Pencil tool
  • Fixed issues with zooming in very far on large images
  • Fixed a potential crash when exiting Pinta
  • Fixed issues with the toolbar’s state (hidden vs. visible) not being preserved after re-opening Pinta
  • Fixed several bugs where undo did not work correctly for the Freeform Shape tool
  • Fixed a bug where resizing a selection allowed the selection to grow beyond the edge of the canvas
  • The selection handles are now larger and easier to click
  • Fixed bugs where using the Recolor tool after the Line/Curve tool resulted in odd behavior
  • The error dialog now includes a link to the bug tracker
  • Improved the error message when opening an unsupported file format
  • Fixed an issue where cancelling the saving of a jpg image made it appear that the image had actually been saved
  • Auto-hiding now works correctly for the history and open images pads
  • Auto Crop now works correctly if there is an active selection
  • The progress dialog is now modal
  • The Backspace and Delete keys are now usable when editing text fields in the toolbar
  • Improved the readability of the text cursor against dark backgrounds