Is Mac The Best To Get For Photo And Video Edit

Many people may use free video editing software to edit a video more or less in daily life or on the work. The needs vary a lot from different tasks. For example, if you want to do editing stuff like picture-in-picture, adding complicated after effects, then Premiere Adobe CC is the tool for the job.

But if you just need to trim videos, add minimal filters, you may not need anything heavy like Premiere Adobe CC anymore. You may prefer a lightweight video editor that works fast and won't bring any pressure to your computer.

However, when you start with asking for help from some so-called 'lightweight' video editors in the market, so many problems crop up:

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  • Although being small in size, still computer resource hogs.
  • Confuse the beginners with complicated default settings.
  • Failed to recognize your files with limited supported formats.
  • Failed to meet the basic editing needs with limited functions.

Above are some problems I met when I was a green hand with zero editing experience. And luckily, I've found 3 powerful lightweight video editing software, which solve all problems at once. They are Shotcut, VideoProc Vlogger, and OpenShot.

When you edit a Live Photo, the Loop effect can turn it into a continuous looping video that you can experience again and again. Try Bounce to play the action forward and backward. Or choose Long Exposure for a beautiful DSLR‑like effect to blur water or extend light trails. You can also trim, mute, and select a key photo for each Live Photo. Photos offers everything you need in basic photo editing software for Mac. Using Photos, it’s easy to remove red-eye, touch up blemishes, and make your portrait photos look appealing. To open an image for editing in Photos, double click on the photo and choose 'Edit' option in the right top corner of your app window.

VideoProc Vlogger - The Best Lightweight Video Editing Software

First of all, VideoProc Vlogger is beginner friendly. This 100% free and lightweight video editor has a straightforward interface that enables you to find the needed tools at first glance. It offers hundreds of filters, 3D LUTs, transition, time remapping, and motion effects along with fine-tuned controls to alter the intensity, start time, and more. With it, you can fast create your visual masterpieces within a few simple clicks.

To speak of cut, trim, merge, rotate, picture-in-picture overlay, keyframe, chroma key, and many basic or advanced things alike, VideoProc Vlogger supports the frame-by-frame edits. This ensures you can apply edits exactly where you want without hassles. Last but not least, it supports multifarious formats, including 4K, 8K, HEVC, HDR, 10bit color, and log.

The Supported OS

  • Windows: Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10 or later (64-bit versions supported).
  • Mac: Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, macOS Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina (10.15).

The Killer Features

  • Fast cut, rotate, merge, split, crop videos as well as apply transitions, add video overlay, and edit sound.
  • Easy zoom in your timeline to show all frames, so you can edit video frame by frame.
  • One-click to change video speed dynamically, add ken burns effect, removing a green screen.
  • Boast tons of 3D LUTs presets. Allow to customize HSL, Saturation, color temperature, and more.
  • Give fast and stable performance, powered by the support of GPU acceleration tech.

Performance Test: Why Is VideoProc Vlogger the Best Lightweight Video Editor

Unlike the ordinary video editors max up the CPU usage rate on PC, VideoProc Vlogger barely relies on computer resources thanks to the application of GPU acceleration technology.

GPU acceleration, known as hardware acceleration, takes advantage of the dedicated graphics processing capabilities of a graphics card to process video editing tasks. Briefly speaking, you are allowed to edit an hour-long video in minutes with GPU acceleration.

There I'm going to have a test to show you the CPU usage it takes for handling a routine video editing task and the time it needs to export the outcome. Before the work, what is worth reminding is that my computer is poorly built:

I import three pieces of 4K video clips, one JPG picture, and an MP3 music clip to the program, and then adjust the video playback speed, remove some unnecessary frames, add color correction filters, and adjust the music length. The picture below is the CPU usage information and time when I opened VideoProc Vlogger.

The below picture shows up the CPU usage when I applied the edits.

The below picture shows up the CPU usage when I exported the result video.

It is shown that the CPU usage rate was only around 10% and it took less than 3 minutes for VideoProc Vlogger to get the job done. It is absolutely a lightweight and fast video processing application.

Shotcut - A Cross-Platform Lightweight Video Editor

Shotcut is a free lightweight video editor available on cross-platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux and FreeBSD. It boasts a good quality in designing and runs well on any low or medium spec computers. It supports a wide variety of video formats and offers a great number of video editing features. 4K video editing is the most striking feature of Shotcut, which means that you can create, play, cut, scrub, mute, filter video programs shot in 4K resolution.

After you import the video, it will be played on the preview window. Shotcut supports the timeline editing, so you can drag and drop video clips onto the timeline where you can create multiple video and audio tracks and make changes as you wish.

There are a great many video editing functions provided by Shotcut. Splitting in Shotcut is easy, you simply locate the playhead then right click on the mouse to choose Split at Playhead (Or, you can position the playhead and tap on the S key to split). The Scrub while dragging tool is to control whether the audio plays and it works for two tracks. When the tool is on and you drag the second track to the position of the first track, you may notice that the playhead seeks to the left position of the clip while you are dragging.

Although good, what couldn't be ignored is the steep learning curve of Shotcut. Even so, you can learn from a collection of video tutorials when first use it.


  • As a free video editing program, it is packed with rich features.
  • It supports a wide variety of input and output formats.


  • It is not intuitive to use compared with for-pay programs.
  • You are not allowed to drag clips between tracks.
  • It lacks keyframe support on video effects.

OpenShot Video Editor - A Powerful Lightweight Video Editor

OpenShot is also a cross-platform lightweight video editor available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Apart from different OS support is available, project files are, as well, compatible with dissimilar platforms inside OpenShot: for instance, you can save a project file in a Windows computer, and open it up with an Mac. There are a list of video, audio, and image formats that are supported in OpenShot.

You can drag and drop a file on the timeline to start building up a wonderful video project. To position the footage to edit, you can fine-tune the video clip frame by fame by using arrows keys on the keyboard. OpenShot offers you a wide array of video editing features, and is built in with many functional audio editing features, like extracting the audio track from the video clip, rendering waveforms on the timeline, etc.

In terms of video editing, you are allowed to add unlimited video, audio and image tracks, plus create various watermark layers and edit them on the timeline. There are more than 400 video transitions offered in OpenShot, which are free to be applied to fade from one clip to another. And you can create a transition by overlapping two clips. There’s a title editor built in OpenShot where over 40 title templates you can access to, which can be used to add titles to your video and adjust the font, text, and color of titles.

It is highlighted that 3D animations are available on OpenShot. With stunning animations authorized by Blender, you can render more than 20 types of animated effects on titles, texts, to name a few, to vivify your video project. All effects added can be previewed.

To speack of audio editing, OpenShot is built with tons of handy audio editing features as well. You can add the audio file on the timeline, then adjust its length by cutting the waveform, and render the audio clip maybe as the background music of your video. If you want to use the audio used in another video, you can excerpt the audio out of the video in OpenShot, and apply the audio clip to be part of your video project.


  • OpenShot is free to get and can run on cross-platforms operating systems.
  • It is professional to edit videos and offers a wide variety of transitions to be applied to your video project.


  • Like Shotcut does, OpenShot is not intuitive to use at first sight thus needs steep learning curve.
  • Due to the fact that OpenShot is an open-source video editor, it lacks developing and its effects library has not been updated for a long time.
  • The program is laggy when used to edit some high-res videos and is reported to be buggy.

Now that you have taken excellent aerial shots of, for example, the snow-capped mountain peaks, it is time to edit the DJI drone footage and share it over social media. This is exactly where a DJI video editing software can come to your rescue by transforming the captured frames into pure magic. This article rounds up the best 5 video editors in 2020 for you to enhance the action camera videos. We break down the issue by answering these questions:

  • 1. Does DJI Have a Video Editor?
  • 2. Edit DJI Video on PC vs on Mobile, What's In for Us?
  • 3. What Are the Top 5 Video Editing Software for DJI Drone Videos?
  • 4. How to Edit DJI Video Footages Easily on Windows/Mac?
  • 5. DJI Video Edting Tips: What to Do with Drone Videos

Does DJI Have a Video Editor?

Yes, DJI users mostly bank on its default application. For shooting, editing and sharing videos on mobile devices, DJI GO 4 was developed for Spark, Phantom series, while DJI Fly for Mavic Mini and Air. But they don't have any PC version. DJI recently released Mavic Mini 2 which can shoot videos in 4K @30fps (100Mbps bitrate). It could be increasingly difficult for people who prefer to edit large 4K/8K footage smoothly or edit video on a bigger screen with more functions.

Edit DJI Video on PC vs on Mobile, What's In for Us?

DJI GO 4 app runs on a mobile, and it is a nice choice to edit drone videos on-the-go. That said, there are some pitfalls that could make your mobile editing a nightmare:

• DJI videos are saved in cached versions in the DJI GO app. Thus, if you wish to edit and save it at high definition, i.e., better image quality, you will have to download its copy from the SD card of your drone to the computer. Then why not proceed to edit on PC with more flexibility?

• Working on a PC also makes things seem easier as you get to operate on a wider interface where everything can be navigated to without having to break any sweat.

• Smartphones usually are not equipped with adequate memory which is necessary for saving large 4K DJI footages.

• Action camera and drones use highly compressed codec to store video files, by so doing, they are able to capture videos at 1080p/4k and higher resolutions while keeping the file size small. However, decoding the highly compressed codec requires more computing power, and may cause problems such as iPhone overheating or app crashing.

Every now and then, you will find yourself search for the best DJI video editing software on Windows or Mac, and all the above annoyance would gone for good with the right tool.

The Top 5 Video Editing Software for DJI Drone Videos

#1. VideoProc Converter [Fastest and Easiest 4K HEVC Video Editor for Drones Including DJI Mavic Mini 2]

What are the challenges you will be meeting in DJI video editing? We notice there are complaining such as: software too complex to learn, not enough format support, low-spec computer stutters and freezes during editing, or it takes forever to export a short video.

All your headache ends with VideoProc Converter. This lightweight video processing software can help you to cut videos without learning curve, with nice filters, advanced stabilization algorithm, and powerful GPU acceleration for fast rendering and exporting.

Key Features:

• Process 1080p, 4k, 8k videos (including Mavic Mini 2 4k 30fps videos) without glitches or high CPU usage

• Speed up or slow down drone videos to highlight a moment

• Convert highly compressed DJI video format to editing-friendly codec

• Stabilize video with advanced deshake algorithm

• Cut videos, add filters, adjust brightness, color, add subtitles, etc.

#2. Adobe Premiere Pro [Best for Backing Up HEVC DJI Videos Data through Adobe Creative Cloud]

This industry-leading video editing software can serve you well while trying to edit the footages captured through your DJI Drone. It can be used as a DJI drone video editor that is powered to the core by Adobe Sensei which helps in crafting polished footages having a professional appeal.


• Has the ability of exporting videos in a variety of formats.

• All the data gets backed up automatically in Apple Cloud.

• Comes with enhanced tracking as well as masking capabilities.

• Footages can be edited in all formats ranging from 8K to virtual reality.

#3. Cyberlink Power Director [Best Choice for 360-Degree Drone Camera Users]

If you have a 360-degree drone camera, then you are bound to feel benefitted from using the Cyberlink Power Director. This versatile tool can proceed with synchronized editing of footages captured using multiple cameras. You can use it as a DJI drone video editing software.

• Vector shapes can be both applied and edited using precise keyframe controls and auto-fit text.
• Motion graphic elements can be merged with the titles of videos to impart a stylish look.
• 18 transition effects can add a professional touch to your captured footages.
• Supports multi-GPU acceleration and OpenCL for editing 4K clips as well as videos without succumbing to system lag.

#4. Davinci Resolve [Free Choice for Easing Out the Post-Production Process]

This software has gained a lot of popularity amongst professional video editors who make use of the same in free post-production process. A unique thing about Davinci Resolve is that it can handle parallel engines for enhancing the color grading process as well as quality.

• Supports real-time video editing in 2K resolution.
• Offers powerful new features like speed wrap, facial recognition etc.
• Both effects and grades can be applied to clips.
• End projects can be directly uploaded to Vimeo and YouTube.

#5. iMovie [Built-in Mac Tool for Amateur Users]

This tool comes built-in to every Mac system and even features an easy learning curve making it ideal for amateur users. iMovie can serve you well if you wish to undertake basic editing work on footages. It features an intuitive design and simple accompanying instructions which can enhance your knowledge about the same.

• Can be used on your iPhone and iPad apart from Mac laptops or PCs.
• Support 4K video editing without suffering quality loss.
• Animated titles and credits can be added to the footages from the dozens of available styles.
• 10 high fidelity video filters can impart a professional look to your movie.

How to Edit DJI Video Footages Easily on Windows/Mac?

It becomes extremely easy to transcode, tweak and adjust (4K/large) videos captured using DJI cameras through VideoProc Converter. Once you have added the video, you will be presented with an array of options which can guide you through the processing part. This also holds true for amateur users who are trying our video processing for the very first time.

Color grade D-log video: If you shoot flat video file with DJI's D-log, you can use one of those best color grading software to normalize the video with technical or normalization LUTs, adjust contrast, white balance, saturation, hue, luminance, etc., and use creative LUTs for stylized look.

• Convert: You can convert videos by first importing the source video and next selecting the target format before the transcoding process.

• Cut: You can cut or trim DJI videos by selecting the tool from the Edit toolbar and specifying the position by dragging the dual green knobs.

• Split: Choose the Split option from the Toolbox and select the parts you wish to keep by moving the dual green knobs.

• Stabilize/Deshake: DJI's in-camera stabilization won't work in certain resolutions, and that's where post-production comes to your aid. Videos can be stabilized by selecting the Deshake option from the Toolbox and trimming the shaky segments by moving the green cursors.

Best Photo Editing Apps Mac

• Reduce Noise: Drone audio noise can be reduced or removed by selecting the Denoise option from the Toolbox tab and making your selection by moving the green cursors.

• Merge: Videos can be merged by first loading your preferred clips and clicking on the Merge button appearing on the main interface.

• Remove Fisheye: Clicking on the Fisheye option from the Toolbox tab can provide you with access to lens correction controls. You can trim the segments having fisheye effect by simply moving the green cursors.

• Adjust Speed: The feature of playback speed adjusting is somewhat hidden in the DJI video editor. Click any option on the Toobbox of VideoProc Converter, switch to the first option – Audio & Video, glide left or right the control bar and adjust the playback speed from 0.10x to 16x.

The Level-3 Hardware Acceleration Technology helps VideoProc Converter in processing videos 47 times faster than its peer tools. All of this is done by diminishing CPU usage for enhancing the longevity of your computer.

DJI Video Edting Tips: What to Do with Drone Videos

• Split/Cut: remove any unwanted clips, such as crash from the last flight.

• Correct color/brightness: keep the frames protected from under or over exposure which becomes extremely necessary when the sun is around.

• Stabilize shaky video: remove all signs of shakiness from the captured frames.

Is Mac The Best To Get For Photo And Video Edit

• Change speed: creates slow-mo as well as time-lapse videos which are currently in rage amongst media professionals.

• Zoom: as it doesn't always become possible to fly very close to the target object.

• Mute or reduce noise: remove the interference caused by wind as well as the device itself.

• Some other popular demands on DJI drone video editing are color grading, intra-frame coding, D-log setting, video compression, barrel distortion removal, time remapping, 4K video rendering, tilt shift, camera tracking, overlay, motion tracking etc.

DJI videos usually have high bit depth, high frame rate, ultra-high resolution (such as 4K), high bitrate, etc. The common video editing tools available in the market are inadequate to handle the same and usually succumb to quality degradation as well as crash. This in turn creates the requirement of a professional video editing software which we have listed down below.

Is Mac The Best To Get For Photo And Video Editing

Final Words

Best Apple For Photo Editing

We hope our todays discussion could add value to your knowledge about best DJI video editing software. Although each one of them come with their own set of bells and whistles, VideoProc Converter stands out from its peers with its versatile functionality which can help you undertake holistic video processing functions irrespective of your skill level.