How To Download Packages In Python On Mac

No, you cannot upgrade Python versions with pip. Pip can only be used to update packages, not Python. If you want to upgrade Python, download a recent version like the ActivePython installer for Windows, Mac or Linux. Clicking on Downloads shows that the site has detected we’re on a Mac, and we can click Python 3.7.3 and then Save File. 00:59 And again, in Firefox, the downloads are at the top. Click that and the installer package will run. Pretty much a case of clicking Continue throughout this.

Check out the steps below to install Python 3 on Mac OSX.

How to download Python3

You can download Python 3 by downloading from official Python website or using Homebrew package manager for macOS .

Python Official Site

1) Open up Python official download site. It looks something like the image below. Press Download Python 3.7.4 or the version you would like to download.

2) After downloading the installer, open it to install Python 3.

Python 3.7.4 installer Read Me contains the following note about Python 3 and Python 2 Co-existence. Thus, to run Python 3, you can run Python3 or Python3.X.X (a specific version that you installed on your machine). To run Python 2, you can run Python or Python2.7.

3) Remove Python installer when you are done installing

4) Run python3 --version to check if Python 3 is installed.

If you install Python 3.7.X, you can also check its version using this command:


Another way to install Python 3 on Mac OS is using Homebrew package manager.

1) If you don’t have Homebrew install, you can install Homebrew by following the steps on Homebrew site. You can also use the following command to install Homebrew by copy and pasting it onto your terminal.

2) To install the latest version of Python 3, run the command below.

How To Download Packages In Python On Mac

If you already have the latest Python installed, you will see something like the message below.

3) Run python3 --version to check if Python 3 is installed.


Mac Install Python 3.7

If you install Python 3.7.X, you can also check its version using this command:

How To Download Anaconda Python On Mac

Python 3 Shell

To open Python 3 shell from terminal, you can run Python 3.

To close Python shell, you can type in exit(). The hotkeys to close it is to press Ctrl and D simultaneously.
Note that Command and D splits your Python shell view.

Note that you can still access Python 2 by running python command.


Python 3 Package Manager Pip3

Python 3 comes with its own package manager pip3. You can check out Python Package Index to look for packages that you need.

To install a package using pip, you can run pip3 install package_name.

Switch between Python 3 Versions

Python Official Site

The easier way is to download multiple versions from Python official website and run Python command with a version appeneded such as python3.7 and python3.6.


If you have previous versions of Python installed, you can run the following commands to check what versions you have and switch the version you need.

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If you work with Anaconda Python, you’re probably already familiar with the fact that Conda and Anaconda Navigator are package managers that can be used to add packages to your Anaconda/Conda environments. Navigator is the desktop graphical user interface (GUI) for managing packages, and Conda is the command line equivalent.

Conda vs Pip

Note that Conda and Pip handle dependencies differently:

  • Conda analyzes the package for compatible dependencies and how to install them without conflict. If there is conflict, Conda will let the user know that the installation cannot be completed.
  • Conda will work with any version of Python, however it is limited to Anaconda and Conda environments.
  • Pip installs all package dependencies, regardless of whether they conflict with other packages already installed. To avoid dependency conflicts, pip uses tools such as virtualenv and venv to create isolated environments.
  • Pip will work in any environment where Python is installed, including Anaconda and Conda environments, but it cannot install Conda Python packages.

Package Installation on Anaconda – Requirements

Before any Python packages should be installed, ensure that the latest versions of Conda and Anaconda are present. The most common method of ensuring that both Anaconda and Conda are up-to-date is to open an Anaconda Prompt or terminal (depending on the operating system) and enter:

Installing Python Packages with Conda

The Conda package manager is the most commonly used way to install and manage packages in a conda environment. While you could use the GUI-based Navigator, it’s often quicker and easier to use the Conda command-line tool that is included as part of your Anaconda distribution.

To install a package with Conda, open an Anaconda Prompt or terminal (depending on the operating system) and enter:

Installing Python Packages with Anaconda Navigator

If you prefer to take a GUI approach, you can use Anaconda Navigator to install packages by doing the following:

  1. Launch Anaconda Navigator via the Start Menu or click on the Anaconda Navigator Desktop app.
  2. In the Anaconda Prompt or terminal, enter:
  1. Search for the required package.
  2. Select the package and click on it to begin the installation.

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