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A world clock software is a very valuable tool for all those people who travel or for those who communicate or transact with people from different countries. It helps people to know the exact time and date for various countries. There are hundreds of world clock software available on the internet but only a few works best. This article reviews a handful of the best software you can use to check for different countries.

Thank you for 20000 users over 121 countries! Desktop Clock is a simple, resizable, customizable, clock app. Options:. Ticking, sweeping, or hidden second hand. Simple mode. Night mode, black background, and 12 themes. Digital and analog displays. Display date and/or battery level below clock. Option to remove app frame and/or app. World Clock Widgets for PC and Mac. Written by Overdesigned, LLC. Category: Travel Release date: 2021-01-01 Licence: Free Software version: 1.9.2 File size: 18.78 MB Compatibility: Available on Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Mac OS 10-11 12.4.


The articles also have a guide to help you choose the best World Clock Software for your PC.

1. Wim’s World Clock 3.0

Wim’s World Clock is a simple software that allows users to check time for different time zones across the world.

Some Additional Features

  • The software is small in size (consumes just 7MB of your storage space)
  • Unlimited number of time zone
  • Chooses locations from the world map

2. Free world Clock

The free world is a simple Windows PC software that enables users to know the time of multiple time zones across the world.

Some Additional Features

  • Inbuilt countdown clock
  • It has an alarm clock
  • Uses skins for Winamp to show texts and digits

3. World time Zones Clocks

World Time Zones Clock is a free Windows software that allows users to set up to 9 different clocks in a single window.

Some Additional Features

  • It is easy to set up
  • Each clock is running separately
  • Intuitive user interface

4. NTP Time Zone Clock

NTP Time Zone Clock is a free desktop application that helps the users to determine the time of different time zones.

Some Additional Features

  • The Software is small in size (occupies just 4.5mb of storage space)
  • It has a customizable user interface
  • Users can change the names of locations to their preferred

5. Qlock

6. Anuko World Clock

7. World Clock Software


How to choose the best World Clock software?

Choosing the best World clock software requires you to consider a number of factors. These factors include you need for the software; For example, if you are looking for a software to use in business you need and simple and straightforward software that won’t cost you much time setting up or navigating through. The user interface is another factor that shouldn’t be left behind while choosing the best world clock software for Windows7, Vista, Windows10 or Windows XP, a software with a simple user interface will ensure that no time is lost trying to check the time of a different time zone. The last factor to be considered is the features of the software if you just need a software that will help you determine the time of different locations of the world you just need a simple world clock software with fewer features.

How to install the best World Clock Software?

Installing the best world clock software on either, Windows7, Windows10 or Windows Vista is quite a straightforward task. It requires no particular skill set, just the ability to use a computer and the internet and that is all. All you need is have the software downloaded on your PC and click run; the installation process will be initialized, from there just follow simple prompts guide, and eventually, you’ll have the software installed and ready to use.

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Add a fully customizable digital clock on your Mac's desktop that can be personalized in various ways and enhanced with additional plugins

What's new in Digital Clock 4.7.9:

  • Features:
  • show app icon in Windows TaskBar (also in Alt+Tab dialog), can be useful for screen recording software
  • possibility to use semitransparent color as background
Read the full changelog

There are various ways to enhance the appearance of your Mac’s desktop, and many prefer to add a digital clock on their screen that enables them to keep track of time without having to squint at the relatively small one displayed in the status bar.Digital Clock is an app designed for this particular purpose, and offers a broad range of customization options, enabling you to change the clock's appearance and add additional functionality with the help of plugins.

Easy-to-use app that makes it simple to create a personalized clock

After installing Digital Clock, you can access Settings menu from the app’s status bar icon whenever you wish to change the clock’s visual appearance or enable additional plugins.


All of the application’s functions are self-explanatory, and you can view and changes you make to the digital display in real-time.

There are a number of skins to choose from, and while the default one has a very simple layout, there are many other versions that cater to those who want more artistic designs. Moreover, it can use one of the fonts installed on your system.

One negative aspect we have noticed is that when using certain skins or fonts, the clock appears to ‘flash’ whenever the displayed time changes, which can become quite irritating.

Fully customizable clock that can be modified to suit every user’s preferences


You can change the clock’s opacity and size, increase or decrease the space between digits, modify its color or even insert an image file that can be used as a texture for the entire clock or the individual elements.

Additionally, you can specify if the clock should always remain on top of other windows, lock its position on your desktop and disable separator flashes.

In addition to the standard functions offered by the application, you can choose to enable a series of optional plugins that change the clock’s appearance or extend its functionality.

For example, you can add alarm and scheduler functions, have the application move the clock on your desktop automatically, as well as display the current date or quick notes below the timer.

Useful tool that can have its feature set extended with additional plugins

All in all, Digital Clock ticks most of the right boxes, and the only negative aspect worth mentioning is the fact that the timer appears to ‘flash’ whenever the displayed time changes.

However, the app is easy-to-use and offers plenty of functions to ensure any user can create a personalized clock on their desktop whose visual design and feature set they are happy with.

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Digital Clock was reviewed by Catalin Chelariu
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Digital Clock 4.7.9

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