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AppZapper is a revolutionary new utility that uninstalls apps for you. They come out with AppZapper just as easy as installing them. It is a very easy “drag and drop” type utility that requires little or no effort to use. It even has a safety feature that protects the apps you need to keep and keeps track of the ones you got rid of. Users are wondering why Apple didn’t include this utility with their systems and can’t seem to live without it. Our experts caught wind of all the buzz and decided to do an AppZapper review.

What is AppZapper?

This is a utility designed for use on Mac OS X to uninstall apps on your Mac. It gives you the ease of just “dragging and dropping” any app you don’t want straight into the trash. It also looks for other files in distant directories associated with the app and gives you the option to delete these too. It also has a safety feature to prevent unwanted deletions and keeps a log of what you threw away.

We found the fact that it is Shareware a bit discomforting. It must be uninstalled with another “un-install” utility to completely remove it.

By dragging and dropping an application to uninstall in AppZapper, the application searches for. AppZapper 2 for Mac hands-on: beautiful UI, same old tricks AppZapper has always been a fun app for the Mac that helps users delete unused Jeff Smykil - Jan 6, 2010 1:45 am UTC. App Zapper is known for its simple working and in-depth system cleanup. With this compact uninstaller tool for mac you can simply drag and drop applications into its interface and look out for supporting files.

AppZapper Features (list)

AppZapper is a small program compared to other Mac cleaner utilities. It is pretty straightforward about what it does.
The features include:

  • Drag and Drop Uninstall
  • Suggested Files To Remove
  • The “Hit List”
  • “My Apps” License Storage
  • Safe Applications List

What Does AppZapper Do?

Drag and Drop/Suggested Files to Remove

Like we said, this is a small program that helps you uninstall apps and any associated files that get scattered throughout your hard drive. You just “drag and drop” the application into the box. The utility then scans for any related files anywhere are your hard drive that were part of the app. Sometimes, when you uninstall an app you still have some files somewhere on your computer and these can build up over time. When you do a manual uninstall, you have to go searching for all these pieces yourself. AppZapper takes care of that for you.

The “Hit List”

This function works just like the Add/Remove programs in Windows. A window opens up and shows you all of your installed applications. It shows you the installation date and how often you use the app. You can uninstall any unused apps right from this window.

App zap

My Apps

This feature is a safe place to store licenses from applications you have purchased. Again, you just “drag and drop” the app straight into My Apps and it keeps the purchase date and license information safe for you on little cards.

Safe Applications

It would never be a good thing to accidentally delete Apple operating files. AppZapper keeps a list of files to keep safe from getting “zapped.” These include files for your operating system.

Installing AppZapper

You just go to the AppZapper website and click on the download button.
Beware of the FREE version, it will uninstall itself after just a few trial zaps. The cost of AppZapper is quite a steal at $12.95. After you pay and download (only about 2 to 3 minutes) then you just AGREE to the terms of service. After that the app opens up and you can just zap away!

AppZapper vs CleanApp Comparison Table

Utility/FeatureAppZapper ($12.95)CleanApp ($14.99)
Total Application RemovalIncludedIncluded
Monitors App ActivityIncludedIncluded
Deletes Widgets/Plug-insIncludedIncluded
Calculates Disk SpaceNot IncludedIncluded
Remove Old FilesNot IncludedIncluded

While it does appear that AppZapper does a little less, our editors are equally fond of both programs.

AppZapper Expert Review

“So, AppZapper, we like you. We’ve been fond of another tool called CleanApp (which recently graduated to version 3) and AppZapper reminds us of what CleanApp used to be like, before it became all macho and industrial-strength. “Kari Hodge/

AppZapper User Review

We got some mixed user AppZapper review items. It seems that most of the dissatisfied were just a bit more loyal to other utilities. The positive reviews were plenty though.

Positive Reviews

“Great little app. There’s a nice feature called ‘Hit List’ in the view menu that lets you see *apps preferences files, etc . . . . *you can show apps not used recently. I’ve had AppZapper for 2 years and I had no idea this feature existed. Then you can just go through apps and zap em.” –MG

“I’ve never had any problems with AppZapper. It has a much nicer and simpler interface than other app removal apps. I really love the My Apps feature, saves product keys and stops you from accidentally zapping an important app. Oh, and of course, I love the zapping animation.” –UT

“In my opinion this is the best uninstaller application for Mac OS. I have been using this since it came out, and it is amazing. It is light, and finds the files fast.” –FK

“I am giving this five stars, in part because it’s always been a great (and fun) little app, but particularly because the devs have made this major upgrade free to recent buyers. That’s how you build loyalty! Thanks!” –CM

“Some complain about not getting the same new fancy version for 10.5, some others say that the new version is overloaded and they’re rather using the older version on 10.6. Folks really, I don’t get it. Can’t you ever be satisfied? Version 2 is a free upgrade so what do you complain about? Maybe you should get your personal problems solved first and don’t take it out on developers offering free upgrades, hmm?” –XT

Negative Reviews

“Love the new interface, but it still doesn’t have a feature like AppCleaner’s SmartDelete that detects an app when you throw it in the trash. AppCleaner’s doesn’t have the best way of pulling this off, but it’s better than not having it at all. If AppZapper includes this feature in one of their new versions, I will definitely be switching!” –J506

“An unexpected new release. I always used the previously version, and in fact I still use the old version. For several reasons this new versions is not worth it. The new browse window is fancy but doesn’t add anything useful. In fact, it is more of an overload. A uninstall application just needs to find as many related files without bells no one is ever going to use anyway. Looks aren’t everything. Fanciness is nice but it should be functional. Sorry, I just don’t like this new look. 3 star for this and 4.5stars for the previous version.” –MP

“I just received AppZapper as part of a bundle. The first thing I did is compare it with the ‘Delete App’ functionality of forklift. In each and every application I tried, forklift caught more files on my system than AppZapper. Sometimes AppZapper would miss out a file in ‘receipts’ folder or sometimes in ‘caches’ folder and sometimes in both. Considering AppZapper is a program dedicated to this functionality, I am pretty surprised by this. If all application deleters out there were missing the same files then I wouldn’t have been so harsh on AppZapper. But the fact that another application catches extra files every time is inexcusable.” -PW


Even seeing a negative AppZapper review or two didn’t sway our editors. We think this utility is pretty nifty! It looks way better then what we saw on the MacKeeper review with very few bugs and very easy to use. Good job AppZapper!

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Free App Zapper For Mac
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Since the 1980s, Microsoft Word has been dominating all the writing software worldwide. If you get a résumé, document, report, or memo today, chances are it would be in either .doc or .docx format. It’s the de facto internationally accepted way of corporate communication.

Not surprisingly, Microsoft Word is not free. As part of the Office 365 suite, Microsoft Word would cost households $6.99 a month ($9.99 for a whole family) or $12.50 a month per business user. You can also just buy a standalone version of Microsoft Word outright for $139.99. But if you just need to edit an occasional document or use the basic formatting features, you’d rather not spend anything.

Is there a free version of Microsoft Word for Mac? Is there a free version of Office for Mac? Let’s answer these and more questions relating to how you can get Microsoft Word for Mac free and also suggest some better alternatives altogether.

Alternative to MS Word on Mac

Collabio Spaces is the best app to replace Microsoft Word with. Write and co-edit your documents offline.

Can I Download Microsoft Word For Free On Mac?

When someone sends you a .docx file and you don’t have Microsoft Word for Mac installed, what do you do? You can, of course, open the file with Quick Look or Preview, but the styling might be off and you wouldn’t be able to edit it.

If you decide to look up something like “Microsoft Word free download” online, you’ll stumble upon dozens of YouTube tutorials and written guides on how you can get free Microsoft Word by downloading a trial version and using a code-cracking app on it to get the license key for it. Not only this is illegal, you also risk downloading all kinds of malware to your Mac.

Luckily, there are a few other ways you can get Microsoft Word free.

Use MS Word online

Is Microsoft Word for Mac free? No. Is Microsoft Word online, free? Yes! It’s not well-known, but you can use Word on the web at no cost. All you need is a free Microsoft account. The catch is that the MS Word online version is not as advanced as its desktop counterpart, but it’s still good enough for all the basic work with documents and for writing something on your own.

Here’s how to get Microsoft Word online for free:

Free App Zapper For Mac
  1. Visit the MS Word online page

  2. Click “Sign up for free”

  3. Create your account

  4. Choose to start a new document or drag and drop an existing one right onto the web app

Get a free Microsoft Office 365 trial

In case you have a complex project coming up that requires more of the features not available in MS Word online, you can access everything that the regular Microsoft Word has to offer by subscribing for a free Microsoft Word trial via Microsoft Office 365. You get one month to finish your project and you can use all the apps in MS Office 365, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, etc.

Here’s how to sign up for the Microsoft Word free trial:

  1. Visit the Microsoft 365 page

  2. Click “Try 1 month free”

  3. Sign in with your free Microsoft account or register a new one

  4. Get your Microsoft Word free download

Try free alternatives to Microsoft Word

If you need to use Microsoft Word for an extended period of time, and a one-month trial won’t cut it, you can try to actually substitute for another similar free app that’s fully compatible with Microsoft Word.

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Google Docs, as part of G Suite, has improved greatly over the years and now supports custom styles, tables, in-line images, and more. Although it’s an online app, it feels native and can both edit and export .docx while keeping all the formatting intact.

LibreOffice (also known as OpenOffice) is another suite of text-editing apps available for free to anyone. Its Microsoft Word alternative is called LibreOffice Writer, which has many desktop publishing compatibilities of its paid competitor and is also completely compatible with it.

Use Microsoft Word with iPad

A surprisingly lesser known trick to get a full working version of Microsoft Word free is to load it on your iPad. Yes, the iPad version of Microsoft Word doesn’t cost anything and, with the release of iPads that feature Bluetooth keyboard support, it’s just as capable as its macOS counterpart.

Embrace third-party Mac apps

While Microsoft Word dominance is still apparent, it’s hardly the best app for all the word-processing jobs we need to do today. With the release of Mac App Store, we’ve seen a great proliferation of niche text editors, journals, desktop publishers, and more — every one of which is best at solving a specific problem.

Let’s look at a few of the best apps for working with words out there today.

Collabio Spaces is a text editor with unique ad-hoc collaboration features. This app goes beyond creating and formatting text (although you can do it too, obviously). Collabio turns your device into a server and transmits your document to other people. All you have to do is share a password with them and start co-editing in real time, without uploading your document to a cloud.

Ulysses is one of the most popular writing apps of recent years. From small notes to manuscripts, its distraction-free environment just lets you get things done. The app has a built-in support for Markdown as well as grammar and style checkers. When you’re done, simply export your results as a PDF or publish to WordPress or Medium directly.

Focused is another app for writing purists that does everything to get you concentrated on the words that flow from your keyboard. The app supports beautiful typography, various themes suitable for different times of day as well as ambient soundtracks to make it so you fully immerse in your environment.

Zappar App For Laptop

MarsEdit allows you to transport your complete blogging setup offline. You can edit HTML, rich text, or plain text to write and design blog posts with images, infographics, and videos with zero internet connection. Then upload your new blog post on schedule to the blog when you’re back online. As MarsEdit saves everything as you go on your Mac, you’ll never lose any data because of WiFi troubles.

Free App Zapper For Mac Free


Manuscripts empowers you to take on even the most complex writing projects possible: research papers, textbooks, novels, screenplays, etc. The app supports a variety of formats, multi-level outlines, templates, tables, graphs, LaTex, document versioning, and citation editing. Instead of trying to adjust Microsoft Word to your needs, let Manuscripts adjust to you.

Diarly enables you to think freely. The app encourages your daily journaling practice and makes the writing habit easy and beautiful. You can organize your notes, add lists, calendar events, sync across devices, and more. Diarly also takes your security seriously, encrypting all the entries on the fly.

So is Microsoft Word for Mac free? Not exactly. But you can get a lot of the same features from MS Word online, sign up for the Microsoft Word free trial, take a look at Google Docs or LibreOffice Writer, and use Microsoft Word free on iPad. Even better, give a wealth of more specialized apps a try. Sketch notes in Ulysses, concentrate on your writing in Focused, finish your blog post in MarsEdit, create your life’s work in Manuscripts, and keep a journal with Diarly.

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