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To set up Chrome Browser on Mac, you create a configuration profile and deploy it using your preferred mobile device management (MDM) tool. The Chrome Browser for the enterprise bundle file contains a sample file that you can copy and customize for your own use.

  1. How to Enable or Disable Tab Audio Muting in Google Chrome in Windows In Google Chrome, you can enable or disable a flag for an experimental feature to be able to quickly mute or unmute a tab by clicking on the speaker icon (audio indicator) directly on the tab instead of having to right click on the tab and click on 'Mute site' or 'Unmute site'.
  2. The device that you have runs on Chrome OS, which already has Chrome browser built in. No need to manually install or update it – with automatic updates, you’ll always get the latest version. Learn more about automatic updates. Looking for Chrome for a different operating system? See the full list of supported operating systems.
  3. May 28, 2014 Also Read, Best Screen Recording Apps for Mac OS X. Step 1: Go to “ Chrome - Preferences - Settings ” and scroll down little bit to locate Enable Ok Google to start a voice search. Step 2: Click on the check box and give OK in the next prompt to complete the “OK Google” voice search assistant on OS X. Optionally you may help google.

Mac sound scheme is a port of Mac OS X sounds for Windows. For Windows PC users, these sounds may be interesting but OS X fans will feel right at home.

This theme was initially designed for Windows XP, but can be applied to any version of Windows. It contains 44 sound files.

  • Asterik.wav
  • Close.wav
  • Complete Navigation.wav
  • Contact Online.wav
  • Critical Battery.wav
  • Critical Stop.wav
  • Default Beep.wav
  • Device Connect.wav
  • Device Disconnect.wav
  • Device Failed.wav
  • Empty Recycle.wav
  • Error.wav
  • Exclamation.wav
  • Exit Windows.wav
  • Logoff.wav
  • Logon.wav
  • Low Battery.wav
  • MACSound.txt
  • MACSound.zip
  • Maximize.wav
  • Menu Command.wav
  • Menu Popup.wav
  • Minimize.wav
  • Move Menu.wav
  • New Alert.wav
  • New Mail.wav
  • New Messages.wav
  • Open.wav
  • Person Join.wav
  • Person Leave.wav
  • Print Complete.wav
  • Program Error.wav
  • Question.wav
  • Receive Call.wav
  • Receive Request.wav
  • Restore Down.wav
  • Restore Up.wav
  • Select.wav
  • Show Toolbar.wav
  • Start Navigation.wav
  • Start Windows.wav
  • System Notifi.wav
  • Windows exit.wav
  • Windows XP start.wav

Size: 2.0 Mb

Enable Sound For Chrome Browser Mac Os X 10 11 download free

Format: zip archive.

To install this sound scheme easily, extract all files into your C:WindowsMedia directory and refer to the following article: How to change Windows sounds.

Say Hello to AirPlay + Google Cast

AirServer is the most advanced screen mirroring receiver for Mac and PC. It allows you to receive AirPlay and Google Cast streams, similar to an Apple TV or a Chromecast device.

AirServer turns your Mac into a universal mirroring receiver, with the exception of Miracast, allowing you to mirror your device's display using the built-in AirPlay or Google Cast based screen projection functionality; one by one or simultaneously to AirServer.

Users can mirror or cast their screen from any AirPlay or Google Cast compatible device such as an iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android or Chromebook. Windows and Linux platforms are also supported using the screen casting sender built into the Google Chrome browser.

Bring Your Own Device

AirServer introduced the world’s first BYOD solution by implementing all the major mirroring technologies giving everyone the freedom of choice for the device they wish to use.

Ultra-high quality recording

AirServer helps you create professional videos of your mirroring sessions in stunning quality. Showcase your iOS apps and games or archive your classroom collaboration in the best quality possible.

AirPlay + Google Cast

AirServer for Mac builds upon its existing AirPlay receiver functionality, including iOS 12 compatibility, and adds Google Cast receiving capabilities.

AirPlay from the YouTube app

Web Browsers Mac Os X

AirServer for Mac once again supports this feature. Besides Apple TV, AirServer was the first application to provide this feature.

Chromebook Compatible

AirServer supports both tab casting and desktop casting which is built into all Chromebooks and all desktop platforms with Google Chrome browser.

Android Compatible

Works with all Google Cast enabled Android devices. Devices that do not have the cast functionality can enable this by downloading the Google Cast app.

Enable Sound For Chrome Browser Mac Os X 10 0

Live streaming to YouTube

YouTube Live certified, AirServer will enable you live stream your iOS gameplay with unique picture-in-picture webcam support. Teachers can also use this powerful technology to live stream their lectures.

Retina quality mirroring


AirServer provides drastically improved picture quality during mirroring. Starting with iPhone 6 Plus, iOS devices can now mirror at full 1080 x 1920 resolution, which is over 3x the previous pixel count.

Encrypted AirPlay

Enable Sound For Chrome Browser Mac Os X Versions

AirServer protects your personal photos and videos as they are transmitted over the network. This important security feature is only offered by AirServer and the Apple TV.

Default Browser Mac Os X

iOS 12 Compatible

AirServer has maintained AirPlay compatibility since iOS 4.2.1 and has pushed out free compatibility updates with every major version of iOS since 2011.


Opera Browser Mac Os X

  • “AirServer is a Mac app that turns your computer into a receiver for AirPlay. We have seen this kind of thing before, but AirServer works better, and adds functionality.”
  • “Faculty and students also utilize AirServer which enables the display and sharing of iPad content in the classroom.”
  • “AirServer turns your Mac into a AirPlay receiver, letting you stream audio, photos, and even videos to your computer, right over the air.”
  • “AirServer is clearly a more complete solution for all kinds of AirPlay streams with dedicated features for audio, video, and Mirroring.”
  • “Great for demoing iOS apps, and a more professional feature set than...”
  • “AirServer for Mac, one of our favourite AirPlay receivers, features long-awaited HD recording with post processing filters.”
  • “What could be better than sending Temple Run or Angry Birds in Space to a large screen, competing side by side with a friend?”
  • “AirServer app clearly blows away all the competition.”
  • “With AirServer you can take advantage of the better audio and visuals of your Mac by using the app to transform it into a Apple TV type of device that can be used to stream audio and video.”
  • “AirServer is so easy to use, we wonder why Apple didn’t implement it themselves.”
  • “With AirServer running, you’ll see your Mac show up in your iPad’s AirPlay menu, and you can just select it to play back video, movies or games on the big screen. It even supports mirroring so you can use it with apps that don;t yet support AirPlay properly.”