Culligan Hi Flo 50 Manual

Culligan 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with your Culligan product for any reason within 30 days of your purchase, Culligan will remove the product and refund the purchase price. Culligan’s Hi-Flo 50 water softeners are backed by a limited 1-year warranty against defects in material, workmanship and corrosion. In addition, softener tanks are warranted for a period of 5 years.† See printed warranty for details. Culligan will provide a copy a softener cannot correct. Culligan ® Hi-Flo ® 2 and 2e Series, Hi-Flo ® 52 series, Hi-Flo ® 42 Series, Hi-Flo ® 55e Series, CSM Series and Hi-Flo ® 50 Series You have just purchased one of the finest water conditioners made. As an expression of our confidence in Culligan.

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Culligan Danville Part NumberCulligan International Part Number
Date of Update
Culligan Global Control CSM / HI-FLO 50
4104 PN 00716771 1 1/2' Brine Valve for HI-FLO 50 Softener $904.754/25/19
7480PN 01020229 Diaphragm Valve 4-Inch, NO Flanged (old PN 00503120)$1,044.604/25/19
7481PN 01020228Diaphragm Valve 3-Inch, NO Flanged (old PN 00503290F)$526.824/25/19
7482 PN 01020228Diaphragm Valve 3-Inch, NO Threaded(old PN 00503290T)$526.824/25/19
7483 PN 01020227Diaphragm Valve 2.5-Inch, NO Threaded(old PN 00503280) $333.624/25/19
PN 00442375Diaphragm Valve 1-Inch, NO/SAO Threaded$262.734/25/19
Cartridge Assembly for HI-FLO Soft/Filter i
4525PN 01016170MVP Electronic Controller $1,190.424/25/19
11424 PN 00403302Cap for HI-FLO Softeners and Filters$15.884/25/19
5384PN 01019576CSM Softener Kit$237.314/25/19
7474PN 01020677Global Control, CSM/HF50$1,249.954/25/19
5789PN 00332124Valve Seat$4.804/25/19

Culligan of Danville has spare parts available for
Culligan HI-FLO 2 softeners, Culligan HI-FLO 2e,Culligan HI-FLO 22, Culligan Soft-Minder Twin Softeners, Culligan HI-FLO 3 and HI-FLO 3e softeners as well as Culligan HI-FLO 50, Culligan HI-FLO 55, Culligan HI-FLO 55e, Culligan HI-FLO xN, Culligan CSM and Culligan HE High Efficiency 1.5' Water softeners.

In addition, spare parts are available for Culligan HI-FLO 2 Depth & Carbon filters, Culligan HI-FLO 2e filters, Culligan HI-FLO 22 filters, Culligan HI-FLO 42 filters, Culligan HI-FLO 55, Culligan HI-FLO 55e, Culligan HI-FLO xN, Culligan CSM and Culligan HI-FLO 50 Depth Filters and Carbon Filters.

Culligan Hi Flo 50 Manual

Technical Notes
1. Main Valve Replacement. If the central valve for the HI-FLO50 or HI-FLO 5 must be replaced, there is currently only one option. Replace the central control valve with a valve nest. The user can repipe the front valve nest to eliminate this central valve. A replacement pre-piped valve nest is available from Culligan. This includes new diaphragm valves. This new valve nest must be used in conjunction with the MVP or GBE Electronic Controller.
2. Electrmechanical Controller. The older HI-FLO 5 electromechanical controller (Part Number 00772850) is obsolete. (see picture above). It can be replaced with the Culligan MVP or the Culligan GBE Controllers. The MVP and the GBE Controllers contain a pilot valve that is compatible with the one on the old electromechanical unit.

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Culligan HI-FLO 50 Water Softener - 3/4' Before 2004
Cap for HI-FLO Softeners and Filters PN 1044 / 00403302

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Culligan Global GBE Controller HI-FLO 42, HI-FLO 50 Filters PN 7487 / 01020676
HI-FLO Cartridge Assembly PN 721 / 00403304

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Spare Parts for Culligan HI-FLO 50

Culligan Hi Flo 50 Manual Download

Spare Parts for HI-FLO 50 Water Softeners are available through Culligan of Danville Kentucky (located in Central Kentucky) for Commercial and Industrial end use customers in North America. The current HI-FLO 50 Water Softeners utilize a valve nest, a GBE controller and diaphragm valves. The HI-FLO 50 Water Softeners sold before 2004 utilize a multi-port valve, usually with a MVP controller and diaphragm valves. This special HI-FLO 50 multi-port valve is no longer available. However, the pre-2004 HI-FLO 50s can be retrofiited to a valve next system to replace the multi-port valve. Quotations/Cost Estimates are available for repalcement water softener parts, including retrofit kits for valve nests.

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