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Best in class CRM for the Mac It just works brilliantly, managing all my customer contact communications - emails, phone calls and SMS - seamlessly without having to remember to do so. Unfortunately, CRM software for Mac is not as common as it is in Windows. But since it is essential to effectively manage your customers- regardless of the OS you are using, we have conducted research to identify the best CRM software for Mac.

Daylite for Mac. (327) CRM & Project Management for teams of 1-100 that use Macs. Daylite is a powerful CRM and Project Management app for teams of 1-100 employees that use Macs. Integrate with Apple Mail, share with Apple Contacts and iCal, use with Siri, Reminders, and more! Read more about Daylite for Mac. Mac CRM software for small business While we won’t cover CRM (customer relationship management) software in depth in this guide, it’s worth noting what it can do for your business. Essentially, Mac CRM software.


The sales team of any business or organization can keep track of the sales and manage other prospects by using a proper set of tools. For all those who require a tool which can help with the proper management of sales, customer relationships and other business related matter, the Free CRM Software is the best one for you. This article describes some of the best Free CRM Software tools that are used in companies all over the globe.



Apple Crm Apps

FreeCRM lets you power up your sales. Use this Free CRM Software to track everything, get all details regarding the products, find out the competitions, get deals, track imports and exports, manage documents and use marketing tools.


The Base is a Free CRM Software which serves as a sales platform. Use this tool for faster lead response time, increase new leads and transform your sales process using the set of features offered.


Suite CRM is a Free CRM Software tool for all kinds of users. Use this tool to store details of customers, slash CRM costs and maintain all documents of your business.

Really Simple Systems

Really Simple Systems is a Free CRM Software which is specially designed for small businesses. Use this simple tool to keep track of the contacts, tasks, opportunities, documents and other vital information.

Fat Free CRM

Fat Free CRM is a Free CRM Software which lets you manage leads, build campaigns and helps maintain customer information in a database. Use this tool for group collaboration, campaign management, contacts management and much more.


Crm Programs For Mac

Zurmo is a Free CRM Software used for maintaining a custom built CRM system. Use this tool to keep track of the sales, get future updates and improve your business.


Hubspot CRM

eDomainer Expand

Simple Crm For Mac

Free CRM Software for other Platforms

Search for Social CRM Software or Construction CRM Software tool if you need a specific one. Download the most suitable CRM Software for your device so that you can manage all info related to sales, customers, and other prospects.

Reflect CRM Customer Database for Windows

Reflect CRM Customer Database is the best Free CRM Software for Windows. Use this tool to improve customer loyalty, make promotions, improve sales, set reminders, run multiple businesses and manage an unlimited number of tasks.

Bitrix24 for Mac

Bitrix24 is a Free CRM Software for Mac and it requires no download. Use this free online tool to get product details, CRM reports, quotes, notes, invoices and much more.

Base CRM for Android

Base CRM is a Free CRM Software application for Android. Use this application to track the sales, manage your contacts and promote your business. It allows users to save information, add reminders, sync info and get updates.

Espo CRM – Most Popular Software

EspoCRM is a Free CRM Software which helps businesses that deal with trade, banking, e-commerce, call centers, manufacturing, real estate, travel, healthcare, tourism, etc. Use this tool to find out all about people, projects, opportunities and much more.

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How to install Free CRM Software?

The Free CRM Software can be downloaded from play store or from the official website depending on the device or computer system used. The installation process is never a reason to worry since it gets completed within a short span of time. After the installation, you can now start using the Free CRM Software for proper management of sales in your business.

Crm Software For Mac

Free CRM Software tools let you keep track of sales, manage customer details and helps promote your business. Download the tool after checking out the features provided and requirements needed. Thus, these handy CRM tools help in the easy management of sales and other business related information.

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