Big Mac Hack

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Maybe you want all the goodness of a Big Mac but in a big cozy bowl that you can shovel into your face with a fork. Enter: the Big Mac salad. The addition of the French fry 'croutons' is a genius touch. This is a great way to get all the deliciousness of a Big Mac with a few extra veggies, you know, for health purposes. McBrunch Burger. What to order: Cheeseburger or double cheeseburger, round or folded egg, and a. Jan 14, 2021 McDonald's iconic Big Mac is known for it's special sauce - but it's not cheapest item on the menu Credit: Alamy 6 TikTok user Dre Pao revealed how you can save money by ordering something similar. Big Mac Hack How to get a Big Mac and Fries for just £1.99 Cheap food from MacDonaldsIts not every day, you can get a cheap take away, every time, every. Quick — what’s the best ingredient of a Big Mac? We highly doubt it’s just the two burgers or the three bun pieces. We bet it’s the Mac Sauce because it’s.always. the sauce. So, if you’re looking to save a little dough, order a McDouble without the traditional fixings like ketchup and mustard.

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McDonald's has a little something for everyone. Whether you're searching for crunchy fries or a big burger with plenty of ketchup on the side, chances are you'll find something to your liking at your local McDonald's outlet. According to the official McDonald's website, it all began with two brothers, Dic and Mac McDonald who initially tried to make a mark in the movie industry. They didn't find what they were looking for and moved on to drive-in eateries. Their idea worked and 1948, the duo implemented a more efficient system and sold hamburgers for 15 cents. Well, this took off and paved the way for McDonald's restaurants in the future.

Today, McDonald's is one of the most prominent names in the food industry and the menu features a range of items, including classic burgers, chicken McNuggets, soft serve, hot chocolate, coffee, hash browns, hot apple pie, and more. And if you know what to order, you can recreate one of the chain's most iconic items on the cheap.

Save $2 next time

It's possible to order a Big Mac at your favorite McDonald's outlet, relish it, and walk out with savings worth $2 on your order. But first, a little context. As per a Reddit post, diners think they've been paying extra for just a whole lot of bread when they ask for a Big Mac.

Big Mac Switch

One poster suggested a nifty hack to save money the next time: 'You can get a McDouble... no ketchup, no mustard, add lettuce, add mac sauce and it's pretty much the same thing,' they wrote and added that all that is missing the bun in the middle and well, sesame seeds. The order costs around $2 while a standard big Mac is priced around $4. According to a 2016 article by Thrillist, both the meals use the same patties, which weigh 63 grams. Truly. Welp. No more paying extra money the next time you're looking to eat a nice burger. Happy feasting!