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Npc Minecraft Mods. Access the Time Machine! CommandNPCs - make ANY MOB run commands! Bukkit Forge 1.5.2-1.7.10 MCHeli 1.0.4! - Minecraft Helicopter and Plane mod! NOW WITH NPC GUNNERS! ALL SKILLCAPES RUNESCAPE SKILLCAPES FOR NOPPES CUSTOM NPC MOD! Top 15 Best NPC Mods For Minecraft (All Free) Top 20 Best Minecraft Tech & Automation Mods (All Free) Top 25 Best Minecraft Building Mods (All Free To Download). Custom NPCs is a mod that is applicable to role-playing games. Along with armor, weapons, and other pieces of equipment, they will impress your story. Download and install Minecraft Forge to test the ability of the new utilities! Instructions on installing Custom NPCs Mod. Minecraft Forge must be installed in advance. Jan 07, 2010 Best Npc Minecraft Mods. Access the Time Machine! Forge 1.5.2-1.7.10 MCHeli 1.0.4! - Minecraft Helicopter and Plane mod! NOW WITH NPC GUNNERS! Liven Up Your Empty City With Human NPC's! WHOCRAFT - The Doctor Who/Minecraft Experience: NOW FOR 1.3.2! More Craftables - Now with NPC's!!! I'm looking for a mod that overhauls villages and their inhabitants to create an actual vibrant world that feels lived in. Especially a mod that adds a political dimension, through some mechanic to allow for states consisting of multiple settlements, societal hierarchies, systems of government, a greater number of larger and more varied settlements, and for different settlements to actually.

For the more casual gamers, UI might not be something you pay much attention to. Now you might be wondering why you would even want a mod for something as simple as the UI.

Once you notice it, you’d be surprised by how much the UI actually impacts your overall experience of any game.

While playing around in Minecraft just ask yourself – is the game pointing me in the right direction? Do I have the information I need to move forward? This is how powerful the GUI can be without even realizing it.

Lucky for us, Minecraft modders have found all sorts of ways to improve this over the years. So let’s dive in and find something that’ll greatly enhance how you play Minecraft.

15. Cosmetic Armor Reworked

I’m sure we all have preferences when it comes to our characters’ appearance.

With more and more games giving expansive options for character creation, the possibilities are endless.

Though this might not be as big a deal in Minecraft, this simple mod allows at least a small level of customization.

The Cosmetic Armor Reworked mod allows you to wear an additional set of armor strictly for its appearance. Want to keep all the stat benefits of the Chainmail set but hate the look? Go ahead and put on your Diamond set over it and you’re good to go!

14. VanillaFix

VanillaFix is a huge mod that addresses numerous bugs and improves performance in vanilla Minecraft.

It claims to improve performance to the point of doubling or even tripling your FPS, which should be a huge help for players with lower-end PC setups.

However the biggest feature is probably how it addresses game crashes.

Diving into the world of user-created content, you’re bound to run into bugged mods. Whether you’re running something that hasn’t been tested extensively, or trying something your PC just can’t handle – this mod can definitely save you a lot of time.

In the event of a crash, instead of closing the whole game, VanillaFix only shuts down the current world and takes you back to the main menu. And you can learn what specific mod caused the crash, and even given a copy-paste crash report which can easily be sent to the modder. Nice!

13. Inventory Sorter

Once you’ve accumulated large amounts of resources, inventory management can get quite challenging.

Inventory is one of the simpler quality of life mods that helps with just that problem.

The controls are very easy to use. A quick middle click in your inventory will sort items, grouping them by type.

Rolling the middle mouse wheel also allows you to scroll through quantities to help you select a specific number from stacks of items.

12. Smart HUD

If you feel that the hotbar isn’t enough, or if you just want to avoid having to go through your inventory over and over for essential items, you’re going to want to install Smart HUD.

For items that you constantly want within reach, Smart HUD adds two additional item slots to the right of your hotbar.

Though they were initially intended specifically for the clock and compass, the slots are completely customizable.

Change the items at any point in time to better suit your play style and avoid having to go through your inventory with your essential items at arm’s length.

11. Durability Show

I’m sure any Minecraft player will find this one useful.

Whether you’re playing PvP or Survival, you’ll find use for the Durability Show mod.

With the simple push of a button this adds a display towards the bottom-right of your screen showing durability levels of your equipped tools and armor.

Durability information is separated for each individual armor and tool slot. A quick glance will be enough to tell if you’re helmet, chest plate, leggings, or boots need to be replaced any time soon.

And this is just as useful when mining in Survival Mode, as you’re going to want to know how much longer that pickaxe will last.

10. TrashSlot

Some might consider TrashSlot to be too much of a cheat.

But it’s definitely a useful mod to have.

It simply creates an additional slot in your item screen for trash.

Worried about accidentally throwing something valuable? Worry no more because modder BlayTheNinth already thought of that.

Items placed in the trash slot are only destroyed once another item is placed over it.

There are even a number of useful keybinds that will help make cleaning out your inventory that much quicker. You can easily click to get rid of a specific item or even delete all items of the same type all at once.

9. Fullscreen Windowed (Borderless)

Almost all modern games come with a borderless window option in the graphics menu.

For older games, this usually has to be forced with external software.


As is the case with Minecraft, this mod allows the game to run in a fullscreen borderless window, giving you the benefits of running the game in normal windowed mode but without the displeasing black frame around the game.

With modern PCs mostly being powerful enough to juggle Minecraft alongside other applications, many gamers prefer to run in windowed mode for easier multitasking.

This is also a huge help for streamers and content creators as it allows for smoother switching between apps and allows for multi monitors to be maximized without interrupting the game.

8. Neat

Based from the Tidy Plate mod from WoW, the Neat mod adds nameplates above all units in the game.

As if that isn’t helpful enough, a great added feature of Neat is how customizable it is.

You can change the appearance of the nameplates or choose whether or not they appear over specific unit types like bosses or players. You can even change the information shown on each to include details like HP, HP%, and armor.

Get Neat enabled for just a few minutes, you’ll immediately be able to appreciate the thought that went into it. Health bars go from green to yellow to red depending on unit health, and nameplates do not appear when the units are not visible or behind other blocks.

7. Controlling

Minecraft players who have explored different mods will know the pains of having keybind conflicts.

With multiple mods enabled, each with their own set of keybinds built-in. You’re bound to run into conflicts sooner than later.

With the Controlling mod you can save yourself the time and hassle of going through all of your keybinds with two simple features that it adds to your controls menu.

This allows you to quickly search for keybind actions by name. It also adds a button to quickly see all actions with conflicting keybinds. Easy right?

Now instead of spending too much time cleaning up messy controls you can get right to playing the game!

6. Crafting Tweaks

Another simple quality of life mod that just makes your Minecraft experience much smoother.

Crafting Tweaks helps you craft much quicker, adding 3 buttons to many Crafting Tables in the game.

Avoid the annoying back and forth to get the amounts just right with Crafting Tweaks. With a simple click you can do anything like rotating materials within the crafting grid, balance the material amounts, or clear the grid entirely.

Aside from those controls, there are additional options that allow you to quickly add items instead of dragging them, quickly craft full stacks, and compress or decompress blocks.

The overall simplicity makes Crafting Tweaks something you’ll always want to play with once you’ve tried it.

5. AppleSkin

A great addition especially when playing in Survival Mode, AppleSkin modifies the hunger bar of your HUD.

Providing additional information with easily understandable animations, managing hunger in Minecraft has never been this easy.

Tooltips now show value of food items, making it easier to decide what to eat in any situation.

AppleSkin also adds visualizations of how much of the bar will be replenished by specific food items, along with how long that particular food will last before needing to eat again.

Just a great mod to have. Helping you stay alive and survive.

4. SwingThroughGrass

Ever die to hostile mobs because you were unintentionally slicing through the glass instead of that zombie?

I mean, what kind of grass can double as a shield anyway.

If it could make the difference between life and death, SwingThroughGlass is worth having for sure.

It basically allows you to attack enemies through all blocks that you can walk through.

Grass, flowers, and webs will no longer work to your enemies’ advantage as you’ll be able to get rid of those mobs and live to fight another day.

3. What’s That Slot?

Especially helpful when playing through different mod packs, What’s That Slot does exactly what it says.

When encountering new types of blocks you’ll no longer have to wonder what items go where.

A simple keybind will open up a new menu showing all items that can be used in any particular slot.

This could save you loads of time. Especially if you’re playing with a mod for the first time and encounter unfamiliar blocks you’re not quite sure how to use.

2. Just Enough Items (JEI)

Opposite of What’s That Slot, it’s easy to forget crafting recipes with the sheer amount of items in your inventory.

Just Enough Items is a simple mod packed with useful features when crafting blocks.

The menu is easy to use, allowing you to search for any block and instantly showing you the necessary items needed to craft them.

You’ll also get additional information like uses as well as color options for each block.

1. MineMenu

Not only does MineMenu address keybind conflicts, but this could very well change the way you play Minecraft entirely.

This mod gives you a modern radial menu at the push of a button.

Used by many modern games like GTA, The Last of Us, and Assassin’s Creed, this is a quick and easy way to make your gameplay much smoother.

The radial menu consists of 10 buttons. And what’s great about this is each slot is completely customizable.

You can assign whatever actions, keybinds, or creative functions you’d like. It’s basically like having 10 custom macros compressed into one quick push of the keyboard.

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Custom Npc Mod 1.12

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Adventuring in a world made in Minecraft is an amazing experience.

Not just for the challenges you overcome or the things you can build, but for the friends you meet along the way (and isn’t that the real blocky video game?)

Yes, interacting with other players is extremely fun. And makes Minecraft the amazing game it is.

Best Npc Mods Minecraft

But the same cannot be said for NPCs, which leave a lot to be desired.

But these non-playables are not doomed to remain in their vanilla state. Thanks to modders, these NPCs can be made to do much more. And even help you in the most unexpected ways!

15. Alchemist NPC

Grey beard? Check.

Blue coat? Check.

That’s exactly how an alchemist should look like.

Alchemist NPC introduces a new NPC to the game that comes with three different trades.

Not a major change, to be honest. But exactly what you need when you want to add some magic to your Minecraft world.

14. Fairy

Make no mistake here. Fairies can look cute, but they pack a really mean punch.

Especially in Minecraft.

The Fairy mod adds in some fairies as a neutral mob to the game, spawning in specific locations if the conditions are right.

Once you meet one, you have two choices: befriend her to gain a loyal companion, or attack her to get completely obliterated when she summons her friends.

I’d choose the latter, seems more fun.

13. Minecraft Builders

The time has come to let NPCs do all the dirty work for you.

Builders adds 10 new human mobs that spawn above ground and start building structures without any input from you.

They will follow the orders of the Mayor mob, and eventually build a small trading town.

But in case you want to direct their efforts, you can also put up some signs that will influence their behaviors. Now that’s what I call a real building squad!

12. Delivery Merchants

Trade makes the world go round, even in the virtual worlds of Minecraft.

Delivery Merchants makes it possible to add 12 different merchant types with a unique store for each merchant.

While this mod isn’t of great use to everyday play(as it is intended for modders) I do think it offers something so good and versatile that it needs to be mentioned.

11. Doctor Who NPCs

I see the Tardis in the distance.

Is that you, Doctor Who?

This Doctor Who NPC mod pack introduces the 9th, 10th, and 11th doctor from the long-running show by the BBC. All into Minecraft.

These new mobs don’t do anything different from your common NPCs. But can you really resist the call of these legendary time travelers? I don’t think so!

10. MCU Custom NPC Mod

MCU doesn’t stand for Marvel Cinematic Universe anymore.

Here it stands for Minecraft Cinematic Universe.

Minecraft Most Popular Mods

The MCU Custom NPC Mod introduces over 100 characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, ranging from heroes, villains, and even secondary characters who usually don’t get a lot of time to shine.

Minecraft Custom Npc

You do need a few other mods to use this NPC pack. But the effort will be worthwhile, since you can walk among gods and heroes.

9. CommandNPCS

With this mod, all(and I really mean all mobs) in Minecraft will answer to one master only.


CommandNPCS is a simple plugin that’s extremely lightweight and easy to use.

Just install it and use the console to issue commands to all mobs.

If you ever wanted to control the minds of those around you and become the ruler of the universe, this is your chance.

8. NPC Variety

Villagers and Pillagers will never be the same after you install the NPC variety mod.

This mod introduces 8 skin tones and 5 eye colors for villagers, making it so they sport a realistic skin tone depending on the biome(very nice).

But it also adds some variations that will make everyone look more mean than ever.

I’m not sure anyone asked for this specifically, but hey, this is the price to pay for true advancement.

7. Custom NPC Spawner

By itself, the Custom NPC Spawner doesn’t seem to do a whole lot.

It only shows its true potential in conjunction with other mods.

This makes it easy to spawn any type of NPC on any server, meaning that it’s possible to have NPCs synched to every world on the server.

Use this together with any of the other mods on this list to let other unaware players know the joys of NPCs modding. Or maybe check out our list of mob mods, there’s quite a few.

6. Cosmic NPCs

If you ever wanted to set trends in your Minecraft world, the Cosmic NPCs mod is waiting just for you.

Thanks to this mod, it’s possible for you to record yourself performing any task and then spawn an NPC that will replicate exactly what you did. Automation for the win, right?

And if one single NPC is not enough to satisfy your ego, press those hotkeys multiple times to spawn an army of blocky clones to help you conquer any world.

Just virtual worlds, I hope.

5. Minecraft Comes Alive

All it takes is one mod to bring new life to a world.

Minecraft Comes Alive completely overhauls the human NPCs mechanics, introducing new ways to interact with them.

This includes the ability to build relationships, marry, and even have children, who will eventually grow up and help on your quest.

Whatever this quest may be: just don’t make them do evil. Or if you do, at least record it and put it on YouTube.

4. Better Questing: NPC Integration

Better Questing mod: a Minecraft story.

Better Questing: NPC Integration makes it possible for you to create full-fledged RPGs inside Minecraft.

This means complete with new dialogue, quests, and all those mechanics that make role-playing games fun.

And if you’re really ambitious, why not make an MMORPG?

Sure, it will take you a humongous amount of hours. But think of the glory you’ll achieve on the interweb!

3. Ancient Warfare 2

It’s no mystery that true technological advancement is mostly achieved through war.

And things are no different in Minecraft.

Ancient Warfare 2 is a complex & modular mod that introduces new automations, new structures, and the thing we’re interested in here: new NPCs.

These NPCs are combat characters who specialize in different fighting styles, from melee to ranged. They’ll make sure you’re safe and sound at all times, even while venturing in the most dangerous parts of the Nether. And beyond.

2. Millènaire

Welcome to the year 1000 A.D., where villages were simple but full of blocky life!

Millènaire truly overhauls the NPC behavior of the vanilla game by introducing villages and NPCs based on 11th-century cultures.

These villagers do not waste their time like the vanilla ones. They build and upgrade buildings, and have their own stories.

Many of those stories you can influence if you so decide, just by helping them solve their troubles.

Not a proper RPG, but something that gets pretty close to it.

1. Custom NPCs

Best Npc Mods Minecraft 1 16 5

Do I really need to tell you what Custom NPCs does?

This mod is definitely something all Minecraft players need to try out at least once.

It gives the chance to create customized characters and change pretty much every trait, from dialogues to jobs to roles, and so on.

With so much power comes complexity. So it may take some time for you to learn the mod and use it to its full potential.

But once you get things going, the NPC train will be running full steam ahead.

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Npc Mods Minecraft

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