Avee Player Pro Premium For Windows 10

Daripada download Avee Player MOD versi lama, versi terbaru v1.2.101 ini tentu lebih baik dan menarik untuk kamu gunakan, geng. Kalau kamu tertarik, kamu bisa download Avee Player Pro premium MOD Full Template lewat link di bawah ini: Download Avee Player MOD APK v1.2.101.

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Avee Player Premium Pro Mod Apk is an incredibly attractive and compact music player, planned for Android devices. Daaw Aww created it, and it is widely known for its proficiency to contribute music of impressive disposition. Avee Music Player Premium Pro can also utilize music videos with comfort, and it develops a brilliant impression. Avee Player is described as 'In essence a lightweight music player that also have folder browsing, equalizer, song cross-fading and video playback capability' and is an app in the Audio & Music category. There are more than 25 alternatives to Avee Player for a variety of platforms, including Windows, Android, iPhone, Android Tablet and Mac. Avee Music Player (Pro) v1.2.73 Premium A lightweight music player with folder browsing, equalizer, song cross-fading, and video playback capability. Most notable features include audio visualizer and easy HD video production.

Avee Player Pro - #1 Trending Music Player App with Visual Effects on Rhythm of Music - So Download Latest Version of Avee Music Player Pro + Mod APK.

  • Music Visualizer on Music Waves
  • Change between Multiple Visual Effects
  • 100+ Visualizer Templates are available
  • Color Theme UI for Avee Player Pro
  • Ad-Free Avee Player Pro APK
  • Premium Fetaures are Unlocked

Avee Player Pro APK :- So, Hey guys now if you area music lover and listen to music songs, raps, hip-hop songs etc. a lot so Avee Music Player Pro is a great choice for you to listen music songs and the audio intensity to the next level in you. It is developed by the AveePlayer.com, It is a really great app to listen to music songs. It provides you the features like Music Visualizer on the screen and it is the most interesting part of the Avee Player Pro App. There are a tons of Visual effects that changes the shape according to the Rhythm of the music.

Table of Content

Avee Player Pro MOD APK: It is a really interesting app for those who are a music geek and want to feel the music in-depth. This app is realeased by AveePlayer. There are inbuilt Visualizer Templates for Avee Player Pro to see music waves in different formats. You can choose the templates according to your choice. You can also record the Rhythmic video and export it to local and upload on YouTube, FB, etc. social media platforms. There are a lot of videos available on YouTube for Visualizer Rhythmic Videos

Avee Player Mod APK: has around 10M+ installs and it is one of the highest rated [4.3⭐] Music Player & Visualizer app for Android on Play Store. You can also upload the Visualizer Templates There are a lot of custom 1000+ templates available online to choose the the best one for you. And I would say that Visualizer Effects are just amazing and you can use any of you like the template.

Avee Player Pro Premium For Windows 10 Free

Avee Player Pro Templates: The main Premium thing in the Avee Player Pro App 2021 is that the Wave Visualizer is just mind-blowing. There are a lot of inbuilt templates for music Rhythm Also, You can download more Visualizer Templates from Velosofy.com. There are tons of amazing templates available use in Avee Player Pro App So, just download any of template and just open the downloaded file, it will automatically extract it into Avee Player Pro Templates. Now just play and music and select the template from the section and enjoy the new Visualizer Template.

Avee Player Pro APK:- Ok Now, you can play music in the avee player pro and also you can change the theme color from the settings and change the UI Skin Design easily. If you liked any visual effect and want to Export the Video with Music Visualizer Effect by just tapping export button on the top right corner and it will start exporting.

Features - Avee Player Pro

Music Player

Avee Player Pro is an app that provides you a music player with a lot of great features like audio visualizer. So it is a really powerful music player who loves to a lot of music all day. Avee Player Pro APK offers you actually feel the music through the Rhythm Visualizer. It is a really great feature. You can play audio songs via from local library. It can play the music all in the background. It is a really great Music Player App


So, Guys Visualizer is the most interesting part the Avee Player Pro. There are a lot of inbuilt visualizer templates. It will be like a circle in the center and while you play music it will move on the beats and music Rhythm of the song. You may also have seen some of youtube videos also. but now you can listen and see visualizer on your any of music. You can feel the music. 1000+ Templates are available online that you can use in Avee Player Pro

Color UI Skins

If you care about the UI Skins a lot then you Avee Player Pro offer a lot of UI Skins to change the look and feel of the music player. You can easily can the theme of the app. In the settings option in the app you will see a lot of themes like light blue, pink, dark, etc. So Guys you can choose the best and suitable one for you. It will change the whole app look and feel So, Color UI's are really amazing

Visual Templates

So Guys, Visualizer Templates are bydefault provides a lot of templates in the Avee Player Pro. So you can choose the best one and you easily switch between then easily. But If you want Custom Visualizer Templates for you then there are a lot of templetes available online on Velosofy.com and download any of templates you like and open the downloaded file. The templete will be successfully installed in the avee player pro app. So you can add a lot of custom templetes easily

Export Video

All the media formats are supported on Avee Player Pro APK. You can play all the music songs, rap songs, music etc. from the local library without any problem. And you can easily export the video of that music with Visualizer Effects with the Wave Rhythms. You can apply any one templetes and export the videos in MP4 format. To Export Videos just tap on the export button in the top-right corner. And you can export the music Video with Visualizer Effects

Avee Player Pro Premium For Windows 10

Pro Version

Premium Version of Avee Player Pro has a lot of premium features like there will be No-Ads in Avee Player Pro. Also all the premium features are unlocked means you will get all the paid features unlocked in this app. There will be No Watermark in the video. You can export the video and It will be absolutely clean video. More Customizable settings are available in pro version. Customize the Visualizer Templetes

Premium Features - Avee Player Pro

  • 10+ Audio Visualizer Effects Templates
  • Powerful Attractive Audio Music Player
  • Add Custom Visualizer Effects Templates
  • Customize the Visualizer settings
  • AD-FREE Avee Player Pro Mod APK
  • You can also Add Home and status bar widget
  • 10+ UI Skins are available
  • Access local Media Files via library option
  • 1000+ Templetes are available online
  • Media Formats are supported
  • Export Videos after applying visualizer templete
  • All Premium Features are Unlocked
APK NameAvee Player Pro
CategoryMusic & Audio
Versionv1.2.101 [Latest Version]
Android Required4.1 or Higher
Developed ByDaaw Aww
Mod TypeAvee Player Pro Mod APK [Unlocked APK]


Avee Player Pro v1.2.101

  • * Most popular media formats supported
  • * Direct folder browsing with folder shortcuts
  • * Customizable audio visualizers.
  • * Export visualizer as hd video file.
  • * Searchable library, queue, files, ...
  • * Screen orientation lock
  • * Read and save playlists (pla, pls, mpcpl, plp, m3u, m3u8)
  • * Lock-screen and status bar widget
  • * Supports media and bluetooth controls
  • * Sleep timer, Equalizer
  • * Cross-fade and gap-less transitions
  • * UI color skins
  • * 2 types of internal players


How To Install Avee Player Pro APK:

So, Guys after downloading the Avee Player Pro APK you need to install it on your Android device So, Intsallation process is really simply and easy. Just follow the steps given below in the graphic image. It will be installed successfully

Follow these few steps to Install Avee Player Pro + Mod APK:

  • Download the latest version of Avee Player Pro from here [https://aveeplayer.pro]
  • After download the apk file, just open it up
  • Now, if it asks to enable 'unknown sources', then go to setting -> security -> unknown sources
  • Then, just turn on 'unknown sources'
  • That's it Now click on 'Install' button
  • Wait, till the installation is done
  • Now, Your Avee Player Mod APK is successfully installed
  • Open the Avee Player Pro APK & Enjoy all the Premium unlocked fetaures
  • Now, Hurry 😅

Prime Rate Premium Finance

Download & Install Avee Player Pro Templetes

Avee Player Pro provides you a lot of Visualizer Templates inbuilt for you. But if you are not satisfied with that then There are tons of Avee Player Pro Templates are available online on the following websites Checkout here:-

Avee Player Pro Premium For Windows 10 64-bit

Just Go to these websites and find the Best Templates you like.

  • After, Then Download the template file
  • Then open the downloaded file
  • Wait until it extrat in avee player pro
  • After process completed, Open Avee Player Pro Apk
  • Just Tap (☷) on the top of screen and all the templates are showing there. Just Click on any of new one that you just installed and it will be applied. Now Enjoy
Avee Player Pro Premium For Windows 10

User Reviews

AudioSound ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Really really very good app. I give 5 star ratting to this app. Its come one day in editor choice list. But i request to avee player team to give more visualizer in next update. And overall app is excellent and thanks for launching this app. My experience in this app is 4 years....

Xenoverse ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The app works really good, especially when paying for premium it works a lot better. This App is really amazing and also exporting Visualizer Videos is also very great and using the app is a really great experience for me. It's a great app.

DanTheMan ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This Is one of the best music maker apps ever. You should totally get this. This is really useful for my music channel. The Music Player with visualizer effect make this Avee Player Pro App Simply amazing. Thank you so much to Avee Player creators.


  • How to Download the latest version of Avee Player Pro APK?

  • Download Avee Player Pro [Latest Version] from this website [https://aveeplayer.pro]. You can also Bookmark this website for further Premium updates of Avee Player Pro + Mod APK
  • How to access the Local Music songs?

  • Just Download the Avee Player Pro APK from our website [https://aveeplayer.pro]. and click on (☰) menu tap on library and play any song and music you like.
  • How to switch Visualizer Template ?

  • Just Tap (☷) on the top of screen and all the templates are showing there. Just Click on any of one and it will be applied. Now Enjoy
  • How to Download & Install Avee Player Pro Visualizer Templates?

  • Yes, You can download templetes from Velosofy.com and find out the best one you like and Click 'Download' and the Visualizer file will be downloaded. Now open the file and it will automatically extract to Avee Player Pro and you can see the new template in the templetes section.
  • How to switch Visualizer Template ?

  • Yes you can export the Video with Visualizer effects. So, To Export Just tap on the Top-right corner and you will be able to export the video file
  • How to Remove Ads and Unlock Premium Features

  • Simply, Go to this website [https://aveeplayer.pro] and download the APK File. It has No Ads and all the premium Avee Player Pro Featues are unlocked.

Avee Player Pro Premium For Windows 10 Download

Final Words

Avee Player Pro: Okay, Guys We really hope that you actually liked the app and this website also. If you are a music geek love then we recommend you to definitely try out Avee Player Pro. It will never feel boring because you can always change the Visualizer Templates and every time try out the new templates from Velosofy.com . It can also easily export the complete video with the Visualizer Music Effect and you can easily share on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp with your friends.

You can also change the color UI Theme from setting to have a different look of your app. You can customize the whole templete settings. if you liked our website [https://aveeplayer.pro] then please try to share it with your friends also and tell them about this amazing app.

NOTE: If you Liked this website? and want to Get further Premium updates of this app then keep visiting or you can simply bookmark our website [https://aveeplayer.pro], so that you will never miss any Premium update of Avee Player Pro

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