Custom GaN Epitaxy for LEDs, Laser Diodes, RF and Power Electronics

EpiBlu provides custom III-V epitaxial wafers for a number of custom applications using two deposition technologies, Metal Organic Chemical Vapour Deposition (MOCVD) and our patent Remote Plasma Chemical Vapour Deposition (RPCVD) a combination of hybrid MOCVD/RPCVD growth to harness the advanatges of both technologies into a single wafer.

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LEDs (Blue, Green, Yellow, UV)

Low temperature p-GaN grown on top of MOCVD grown multi-quantum-wells should enable increased LED efficiency by reducing the thermal budget and subsequent degradation of the MQW quality during p-GaN growth.


EpiBlu can offer a number of competitive advantages for the manufacture of microLEDs.

Power Electronics (HEMTs)

Low temperature RPCVD has the potential to reduce bowing and cracking of large silicon wafers during II nitride growth. Its inherent process could also reduce the complexity of the required strain management.

In addition, low temperature p-GaN grown by RPCVD on top of MOCVD grown HEMTs can potentially improve normally off performance of E-Mode devices due to less diffusion of Mg into the 32DEG region of the device.

Laser Diodes

Green, blue, yellow and red custom laser diode structures exploiting both MOCVD and RPCVD capabilities.

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