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How to unlock Mi device? Enter Xiaomi pin/pattern/password/fingerprint to unlock Xiaomi device. But when you forgot Xiaomi screen lock pin/pattern/password, force factory reset Xiaomi to unlock Mi for free, or if you want to get one easier method to unlock Xiaomi, turn to EelPhone DelPassCode Android, which can remove Xiaomi screen lock without pin/pattern/password in clicks.

As one 5g device, the release of Redmi attracts more attention from all over the world. And the high cost-effective make more friends turn to Xiaomi device. But if you got one-second hand Xiaomi device, how can you unlock locked Xiaomi?

Download ALLDATA Mobile for Windows 10 for Windows to aLLDATA, the leading provider of diagnostic and repair information for automotive service professionals, now offers a new way to access repair. AllData 10.53 download software-Covers cars and light trucks from 1982 to 2014. The Manual have be cracked, and with the installation manual. Access and share logins for To reset your password type the full email address you use to sign into your ALLDATA subscription.

Without Xiaomi screen password/pin/pattern/fingerprint, you can't access locked Xiaomi. You should seek other methods to unlock Xiaomi without password, force factory reset or EelPhone DelPassCode Android are two methods you can remove Xiaomi screen lock without password.

Method 1: EelPhone DelPassCode Android-Unlock Mi Tool to Bypass Xiaomi Screen Lock Without Password-Effective

Xiaomi device is locked, the most effective method is Mi phone unlock software-EelPhone DelPassCode Android, unlock Redmi without password/pin/pattern/fingerprint.
Step 1: Mi phone unlock tool-EelPhone DelPassCode Android downloaded to computer, and launch it after the installation.
Step 2: Connect locked Xiaomi phone to computer via USB cable, and when the phone was linked to the tool, click on 'Remove Screen Lock' from two feathers.
Step 3: Check the note on the next page, data loss and the android system updating after the whole process, click on Start button to get Xiaomi unlocked phone without password.
Step 4: It takes a few minutes to remove Xiaomi screen lock, just keep connection during the whole process, and wait.
Mi unlocking tool free download, then with clicks, Mi lock remove in clicks. But after the process, all data on Xiaomi will be erased then.

Method 2: Reset Xiaomi Password to Bypass Screen Lock-Free

But when you forgot Xiaomi screen lock password/pin/pattern, you can reset Xiaomi password from
Note: You should have the phone number or email account /Mi account you have used to register.
Go to, enter email account or phone number, when you receive the code, enter the code to the box, when pops the security question, enter the right answer youhave set up to bypass the question.
For the locked Xiaomi phone owner, it's a good method to unlock Xiaomi, reset Xiaomi password to remove screen lock on Xiaomi.

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Method 3: Force Factory Reset Locked Xiaomi Device-Free

Without pin/pattern/password, another effective method to remove screen lock on Redmi is force factory reset, but it will erase all data and settings on Xiaomi, and it's difficult to enter the mofe to factory reset mi.
Step 1: Power off locked Xiaomi by press on power button for a few seconds.
Step 2: Press and hold on volume and power buttons at the same time, release two buttons when recovery mode logo appears.
Step 3: Use the volume buttons to switch to Wipe&Reset selection, use power button to select it, then locked Xiaomi will be unlocked. Alldata
During the process of force factory reset, you may be asked to enter Google account and password, just enter the Google account of locked Redmi.
Xiaomi unlock tool or force factory reset will erase all data on locked Mi, so backup Xiaomi regularly is a good habit, you can restore from backup files after the process. Without backup, you will lose all data thoroughly.

Method 4: Using Google Account When Xiaomi Forgot Password-Free

For those Xiaomi users who have register Google account on Xiaomi, you can use Google account to remove Mi screen lock when locked out of Xiaomi.
When you enter pin/pattern/password on locked Xiaomi for 5 times, from the Mi screen, you can click on Forgot Password button.

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Enter the Google account and password to set up a new pattern/password for it.
It's the method to remove Xiaomi screen lock without losing data, you should remember the Google account and password.

Method 5: How to Unlock Mi Device Without Password Via Find My Device-Free

Find My Device feather can remove Xiaomi screen lock remotely.

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But: Find my device feather should be enabled, all data loss after unlocking Xiaomi with Goole find my device feather.
Go to
Sign in Google account and password used on locked Xiaomi
Click on the locked Mi device, then click on Erase feather to unlock Xiaomi device. But once confirm to erase locked Xiaomi from Find My Device, all data on Xiaomi will be erased then.
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